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Dada Mail FAQ


The basics

  • How does Dada Mail work?
  • Unlike Lyris, Dada Mail doesn't have user accounts. Instead there are lists and a list password, along with an email set as the list owner.

  • If there aren't users, how do I control who sends to my list?
  • If a list is configured to allow for email based sending to lists, then you can define the authorized senders for the list. ThisOtherwise isyou usefulcan forgive announcementothers liststhe list password (in a secure manner), so that youthey wantcan toco-manage allowthe multiple people to send messages to regularly.list.

  • How do I send to my lists?
  • You can send email to your list in one of two ways. First, you can login to the web interface and send your message through the "Mass Mailing" menu on the left hand side. Second, you can submit a support request for your list to be configured to distribute emails sent from a specific list of authorized senders.


  • Why did we migrate from Lyris?
  • The cost of Lyris has grown year over year, and the renewal for 2018 was a 300% cost increase over 2017.

  • Why the short notice for the migration?
  • The renewal invoice for Lyris is issued in December. Compressed timelines and competing projects contributed to delays in finalizing a course of action.